El Departamento de Español

Head of Department
Ms. Shirley McConalogue

Ms. Michelle Bradley
Ms. Cathy McCarter
Mrs Mary McCarron

In the Spanish Department we aim to:

  • Increase pupils’ confidence in using the Spanish language
  • Help pupils become more independent learners
  • improve their ability to communicate with others in Spanish
  • Foster an enthusiasm for the language and culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries
  • Build a solid knowledge of vocabulary and grammar

Spanish is offered as an option to all first year students for Junior Certificate and is also an option for the Leaving Certificate. Given the huge numbers of Spanish students coming to Buncrana to learn English, Spanish has become a very useful and popular language to learn. It is currently the second most widely spoken language in the world. Learning a language opens many doors and is still essential for entry into certain Irish universities for a number of courses.

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