Welcome to the Science Department

Head of Department: Ms. Tanya Morrison
Subject Teachers
Mr. P. McGuinness 
Ms. E. O’Donnell
Mr. R. O’Neill
Dr. T. Strain 
Mr. F. Meehan 

Subject Information
• A core subject
• Consists of three major topics: physics, chemistry and biology
• Two laboratories & demonstration room

Click on the link below to access the science syllabus:

• The Study of Life
• The Cell, Ecology, Genetics, Human and Plant Biology
• 23 Mandatory experiments
• Fieldtrip

• The study of matter
• 28 Mandatory experiments
• Weekly laboratory activities

• The study of Physical Sciences
• 24 Mandatory Experiments
• Science Topics: Mechanics, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, Particle Physics, Applied Electricity.

Agricultural Science
• An assessment, to which 100 marks will be allotted, will be made of students’ options. (Farm buildings, farm-house environment)
• Soil Texture
• The General Structure and Function of Plants
• Farm Crops – Grassland
• Tree and Shelter
• Principles of Genetics
• Structure and Function of the Animal Body (the cow, the sheep, the horse, the pig)