Welcome to the P.E. Department

Subject Teachers

Mr Shane McArt
Mr. Laurence McMullan


Physical Education at Crana College prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for leading a physically active and physically fit lifestyle.  With physical inactivity being identified as a major disease risk factor in our sedentary society, physical education makes an increasingly important and integral contribution to the education of the ‘whole child’.  It is the subject area whose primary focus centres on the physical dimension of human development.
Curricula are based upon a developmentally appropriate progression of physical activities that nurtures the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of all students.  Regardless of the activity, socialization skills, co-operative skills, work ethic, respect for others and integrity of each student can be readily observed, taught, monitored and modeled.  This is further re-enforced through the extra-curricular programme within the school.