Welcome to the Music Department

Head of Department – Ms. L. Keogh

What we offer?
Junior Certificate Music
Music is currently being taught to First and Second years as an exam subject. Both first years will progress to Junior Cert Music in 3rd year where they will complete an exam in Composition, Listening and Practical music skills.

All students are offered the choice of taking music as a Junior Certificate subject regardless of previous musical background and / or ability. Through the Junior Certificate programmes students are given the opportunity to learn an instrument and develop their musical interests through various composition and listening activities.

Extra Curricular Activities
Traditional Irish Music Group
Irish musicians from Crana college add to the atmosphere of various school activities such as the Christmas Concert, Seachtain Na Gaeilge, prize-giving and the open nights for incoming first years and their parents.

As the music department grows students will get the opportunity to take part in various local schools competitions.

School Choir
The school choir is made up of both students taking music as a curricular subject and those with an interest in singing and performing. The choir performs at the school mass, the Christmas concert, prize giving etc.

Click on the link below to view video footage of the rehearsals for this year’s Crana College Musical ‘Hairspray’

Music Theory Websites
Music Games online

Free Music Rendering programs