Welcome to The English Department

Head of English: Ms. Sylvia McSheffrey
Subject Teachers
Ms. S. Mc Sheffrey     
Ms. R. O’Donnell        
Mr. G.Toland               
Ms. Sue Mc Sheffrey
Ms. L. Lafferty

Ms A Friel

What’s offered in the department:
Years 1-3: Prepare for Junior Certificate. The seven sections studied are: Reading, Personal Writing, Functional Writing, Media Studies, Poetry, Drama and Fiction. Higher level students sit two papers at Junior Certificate, Ordinary and Foundation level sit one.

Years 4-5: Prepare for Leaving Certificate. The exam consists of two papers at all levels. Paper One examines comprehension and composition skills. Paper Two examines students knowledge of the prescribed syllabus that year which varies from year to year.

Useful Websites
http:// www.education.ie