Changing Subject/Level


Changing Subject

If a student wishes to change one of their option subjects they should firstly discuss this with their parents and one of the Guidance Counsellors in relation to interest in the subject and career progression. The guidance counsellor will be able to advise if there is another subject available at the same time that the student may transfer into. This often depends on class size and ability.  If the student wishes to proceed with changing subject the guidance counsellor will consult with the teachers concerned and inform school management.

Changing Level of Subject

Students will be advised by their teachers on the level they should study based on ability and previous performance in class. If a student chooses not to follow the advice from their teacher, a signed letter from a parent is required.  If a teacher is concerned about the ability of the student to work at a required level they will express their concern to the student and parent by telephone call, parent teacher meeting or a note in the students diary.  Class size may also have an impact on the availability of places in a subject at a particular level. It should also be noted that students taking the Junior Certificate Examinations will only be able to change level in exceptional circumstances and must discuss this with the state examination secretary in the school.