Pastoral Care Structure

Pastoral Care Structure – Mindmap

Mindmap Pastoral Care

Student Support

There are a number of support systems in Crana College for our students. They include:

The Form Tutor – The tutor meets the class group every morning, takes the roll, checks absence notes and student diaries and generally addresses the pastoral needs of the class group and individuals within it.  Parents often find that the Form Tutor can best deal with issues relating to the ‘settling in’ period.

The Year Head – All Year Heads are members of the school management team and each one has overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of the students within their year group.  The Year Head, in conjunction with the Form Tutor encourages students to take responsibility for their actions and to become independent learners.  They also meet parents at parent teacher meetings and by appointment.

The Career Guidance & Counselling service – Mrs Anne McElhinney is available to advise students and their families about careers issues and to provide a counselling service to students in need of assistance.  They also organize information sessions on subject choice and further education options for 3rd and 6th Year students and parents.

Home School Liaison – Mrs Doreen Friel is available to meet parents, in the home or the school, to address issues relating to their son’s education and personal needs.

Learning Support – Mrs Margaret Ferguson is available to meet parents who wish to discuss issues relating to Learning Support and to provide this support to students.  There is a designated Learning Support teacher for each year group.

The Care Team – The Guidance Counsellors, the Home School Liaison teacher, the Principal and Deputy Principal coordinate the Pastoral Care system in the school. Working together with teachers and year heads we try to ensure that your child is safe and secure at all times.

Assembly – Once a week each Year group has a short morning assembly.  At this time issues particular to the year group can be communicated to all the students in that year group.  Success will be celebrated and achievements acknowledged as often as possible.

Building Community Spirit

In an attempt to make students in Crana College feel part of a community the following activities take place throughout the school year.

Lunchtime activities, opening school mass, end of term inter-denominational services, group projects, outings/tours, peer-tutoring, mentoring of first years, homework/study club, sports, drama, concerts, musical, carol service, graduation service, prize giving, choirs, sponsored walks, newspaper in the classroom, participation in charitable events e.g. Concern fast, Student Council, Girls Active, Gaisce awards, Bronze for Fifth Years and Silver for Sixth Years.

Care for the Individual

Your child’s progression through second level education will be enhanced by the provisions made by the school.

Contact system through tutor/year head/RE/SPHE/Home School Liaison Officer/Learning Support/Career Counsellor/Child Care/Social Worker

Learning needs and difficulties particularly catered for through learning support, book grants and extra support system for provision of school needs.

The interests of all students will be broadened through class outings, foreign trips, debates, public speaking, study skills programme.  Awards system including Presidents Awards, Prize Giving and Positive Behaviour Systems operate within the school.