Principal’s Foreward

 It is our mission to create a calm, caring and creative environment where all pupils are given the best opportunities to develop their potential to the full, to acquire knowledge and to adopt a positive attitude towards work, life and their community.

 I am delighted to introduce Crana College to you through our website and so give you a brief insight into our vibrant, close and happy school community.

At Crana College, we set high standards and ambitious goals. Our mission statement, above, is a realistic summary of what we set out to achieve.  Read it carefully – you will notice straight away that we put our pupils at the centre of the statement.  We are a pupil-centred school in that we promote the full development of all students.  I feel that the spirit of Crana College lies in our commitment to help all our pupils to realise their fullest intellectual, moral, social and physical potential.  In other words we want our students to be happy – but we want them to be healthy, successful and to learn to value others so that they can become responsible members of their own community.  Most important of all, we want every individual to be treated fairly and with respect so that they can enjoy school life.

Throughout its history Crana College has been renowned for the quality of the education it provides to its students.  In recent years we have come to be seen in the community as a provider of top grade education, catering for the needs of our comprehensive intake of students. In fact, in 2014 in Irish League Tables we were the top school in Inisowen for students progressing to third level education.   How do we manage to do this?  For a start, we do not pre-judge our First Years but instead we give them a chance to find their feet, to try out new subjects before they choose which ones they will study.  We do not immediately label students in an academic sense but wait several months before discussing which level of examination work they are best suited to.  We offer a large and varied range of subjects and of educational opportunities to our students.  The result is that over 80% of last year’s school leavers moved on to Third Level education, many of them at some of the best Universities and Colleges in the country.

Although we confidently focus on the traditional virtues of good behaviour, self-discipline and hard work, we have a huge reputation for looking after our students.  Our teachers have lots of experience in dealing with any worries that First Years have when moving into a large school, every class has a Class Tutor, a teacher who takes responsibility for that group of students and there are 5th Year mentors who take time out to deal with issues that arise amongst our First Years.

We also offer an extraordinary range of activities and extra-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom. Students, both boys and girls compete in sports as diverse as Gaelic football, hurling, rugby, soccer, basketball and athletics.  There is a Ski Trip to Switzerland and an annual tour to Spain, Italy or France. Musicals, dance and concerts offer huge potential to perform as anyone who attended our school’s productions of “Grease” and “Hairspray” will have seen for themselves. This years school musical “Sister Act” .

As Principal I am proud to be part of this community especially when I witness so much success in the busy, busy school life of all our pupils.  Our success is firmly rooted in the excellent relationship which exists between students and teachers and we are especially proud of the atmosphere of trust, support and mutual respect which is central to the life of the school.  If you feel that you would like more information then I invite you to make an appointment for a short personalised tour of the school with either myself, my Deputy Principal or one of my Assistant Principals to see our school community in action.